Utilizing Email Lists To Promote Education

One of the biggest challenges of marketing higher education is reaching your target audience. Finding a means to accomplish this, in the most cost effective manner, can significantly reduce your marketing costs. The key is to understand what resources are available to you.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is known to be the more efficient and effective approach. Commercials, print ads and other types of marketing can reach your target audience. But, when you have a specific niche market, you will likely be spending a lot compared to the results that you will achieve. Direct marketing means that you are getting your marketing materials directly to the people that are already interested in the type of information you are providing.

When it comes to advertising the services of your club, camp, university or other school of higher education, your target audience is primarily high school students. However, it’s nearly impossible to create an email list of these students (as this is not public information). Fortunately, using high school principal email lists you can indirectly get your information to those that would have the most interest.

Direct Contact With High School Principals

The benefit of being able to make direct contact with high school principals is that they have a vested interest in promoting the future of their students. They are heavily rated by their school board based on not only how many students graduate, but the ability of their college bound program. This is especially true for private schools that charge significant tuition, but is also measured within the public school system.

Quality Marketing Materials

When you send quality marketing materials directly to high school principals you can absolutely expect that they will forward emails to interested parties. While they may not send everything they receive directly to students, they will likely forward materials to certain teachers and school counselors. These staff members have direct interactions with the students each day and understand their needs and interest the most.

The best part of using these email lists is your information is distributed further than your initial communication. Principals share information they receive with their staff. And, typically, they will share information with staff. This allows you to reach a great number of people with very little cost.

Get Your Email List

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