Roles and Responsibilities of High School Superintendents During COVID-19

High School Superintendents

There are lots of uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and just like any other sector, learning institutions have been on the receiving end of the pandemic. And for the educational leaders around the world, it is time to make tough decisions and play their leadership role now more than ever. With events, meetings, and normal routines disrupted around the globe, districts have also been affected on various fronts. The provision of education and service delivery are also other operations that have changed significantly.

These are a few ways in which the education sector has been affected. But what roles and responsibilities should high school superintendents play during the pandemic? Here are some of those.

Lead and Manage the District

As mentioned earlier, high school superintendents should up their leadership and management game now more than ever. They should make the tough decisions that are being made in many other sectors. Most importantly, the high school superintendents should continue to be the face and voice of the district. They should decide what’s best for their district and also enforce the current requirements and recommendations made by the health authorities.

Through proper management and leadership by high school superintendents, school boards are sure to make the right decisions, like calling meetings only when necessary. What’s more, superintendents should formulate a plan to protect the vulnerable students in the district. They should also keep up with the current policies and update principals and other administrators in case of any developments. Most importantly, high school superintendents should prioritize students’ safety in the district during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay Connected with School Boards

Stay home and social distancing are the watchwords now, but school boards and superintendents have to stay connected by any means possible. While the health authorities discourage in-person meetings, superintendents should keep in touch with school board members via phone and video conferencing. This would ensure compliance with the social distancing requirements and restrictions on gatherings while staying connected with the various school boards.

Staying connected ensures that there is effective downward and upward communication. The superintendent can pass on essential information and developments from the State Department of Education. Likewise, school boards can inform the superintendents of any proposed projects. Keeping in touch with the board would also come in handy where the district may require schools to help in providing services to help emergency management teams in their locality.

Send the Right Message

From their positions, high school superintendents have the responsibility of sending positive messages to their fellow administrators in the district and the public as well. They should promote messages that are:

· Supported by higher education authorities as well as other leadership teams.
· Clear, positive, and reassuring.
· Factual. They should only pass on verifiable messages.
· Demonstrating leadership in communicating both health practices and school stuff.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, high school superintendents ought to lead and manage their districts’ education affairs, keep in touch with school boards, and send the right message to the public. However, their paramount responsibility is to ensure the safety of all students during the COVID-19 pandemic.