Questions to Ask High School Principals

As a high school principal, their job has many facets.  Overseeing facilities, hire and evaluate staff, be involved in all things related to curriculum, policies and procedures, budgets, working with the board, and of course students.  Among all this is communicating with colleges and universities.  Colleges and universities need to work with principals and their designated counselors.

Depending on whether a college is top tier, community, liberal arts, technical, or general universities each should be contacting high schools and communicating the college’s needs and recommendations for the students they wish to attract.  Contacting, high schools in the same state or of those that provide a number of alumni are more apt to attract students out of loyalty and/or general school pride.

Providing high school principals with your application goals and expectations can help them guide their students to fill your needs.

Asking principals questions such as:

What would make us appeal to your student base?
What can we provide in guidelines for your curriculum preparation?
Will your academic workload for students be preparation for our university?
Do you have strong counselor department to work with your students to meet our needs and guide them?

Additional information can include not just the academic goals, but what you are looking for in an applicant:

Extracurricular activities – leadership involvement, achievements, volunteering, or other specifics
Financial aid programs offered
Expected academic workload and possible pressure
Inform them of what students tend to like most about your school
Inform them of what students tend to dislike or may complain about to get students to fit your culture
Do students tend to live on or off campus; What do you offer for housing
What the faculty are like and how accessible they are outside of class
Internship potential and job placement      

High school principals benefit from colleges sharing and communicating such needs and goals and can produce students that may be more interested in your academic structure than another institution.

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