What Makes an Effective School Leader?

What makes an effective school leader? The definition of a leader is one who leads or commands a group or organization. It is vital in a school system to have strong and effective leaders. So who are theses leaders in the school system? A synonym for leader is actually principal. Principals are key in the smooth success of schools. So what qualities define a leader? What makes someone an effective one?

Here are a few characteristics of an effective school leader:

1) They are very ambitious and have high expectations for the success of their pupils.

2) They consistently show that anything can be achieved despite being disadvantaged.

3) They are always working on their personal development and how they can improve their teaching and learning skills.

4) They are skilled at assessing and tracking the progress of pupils and provide the appropriate support based on detailed knowledge of each individual.

5) They care about the progress and personal development of every pupil and keep all of them included.

6) They have a clear vision for what is best for students — for their academic, social, and emotional learning.

7) They know that high-functioning teams are essential; they know that a healthy community (for children and staff) will contribute to stability, retention, and investment.

8) They are emotionally intelligent. They are typically calm, grounded, empathetic, and are able to deal with conflict between people.