Leverage Principals as Positive Testimony for Higher Education

Choosing a college is the biggest decision most students will have ever made in their lives to date.  It affects the student, family, high schools, and the college.  All of these are affected financially, socially, and in a myriad of subtle ways.

The choice while financially and practically is affected, it is also on an emotional level.  Therefore, colleges need to appeal to students via emotion as well as practical means.  By sharing information that inspires emotion, is enticing in a practical view, that can be entertaining, and provide an inspiring story all fall into categories you need to address to acquire students.

By contacting high school principals, you can provide some of these means of interest to students through them.  They can be the ones that can do some of the legwork of dispersing the information as well as giving testimony to why your school is a good choice.

College life is very social both inside and outside of the classroom.  Internet usage via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are ways you can reach students, but if the student is not aware of your institution it may not reach them, even if the content is amusing and engaging.  High schools are also now part of the media world.  Principals can channel your information into their social outlets as well as internal school communications, thus giving you an even better chance for more visibility.  This in turn, will have the students talking and may share with friends and family that can influence an even greater spread of awareness. 

Social proof gives you testimony of the value of your institution, but the nature of everyone’s talking about it, or swears by, or as crowd-sourced wisdom.  Without a celebrity endorsement, using principals to spread the information via more social media is beneficial since the US News and World Report stated that 70% of all high school students use social media for their college search.

High school principals can help personalize the information you wish to share.  They can appeal to alumni that exist in the school system for providing additional testimonials, especially if that person regularly works with students, but the principals themselves act as a valid testimony of your worth as a choice for an incoming student.

High school principals give creed to a positive testimony for your institution, provide insight, and an example of what your institution is like that is more substantial than just viewing the social media platforms and tools.  The testimonials will provide faith in your advertising and media content.