High School Principals During COVID-19

Remote Schooling During COVID-19

High schools are experiencing difficulties controlling what students are doing on their off-time and many students are not social distancing. Therefor, schools are delaying schooling and going to remote schooling. They are disappointed that they have to do this but they have no way of knowing who all was at any party and if they are infected with the virus. This poses a threat to all of the students in the school as well as the faculty and staff members. The principals feel that in the best interest for everyone involved is to delay the regular in-person schooling.

The Principals Are Not Happy

They are frustrated that the students are not listening to the rules of social distancing and wearing masks, not to mention that these students are choosing to gather in numbers that far exceed the number of people allowed to gather in one place. The students seem to be flagrantly disobeying the rules because they think that they can’t possibly get the virus. Nothing is further from the truth and their actions are helping to spread the virus in a huge way. They are putting other people at risk all of the time because after they are at their parties, they are going home to their families where they might become infected too.

In Michigan, High School Students Are Really Acting Up

That is not to say that it isn’t happening all over the country but in Michigan, a recent party attended by high school-aged people had an attendance of at least 150 students. They were all drinking to the extreme and the police had to come and stop it. For the principal of the school, this person had no choice but to put a delay on opening the school for those to come and learn. They have to learn from home still and it might last longer depending on whether or not there are any more problems.

Parents Are Frustrated With Their Own Children

Since many of the parents of these teenagers didn’t know that their kids were attending these types of parties, they are constantly going over the rules with them. They reiterate the importance of wearing masks, social distancing, and not being groups that exceed the limits of people gathering in one place at a time. They want their kids to be taught in the school and not remote learning because of the experience that it gives them.

As time moves on, it will be very difficult to find out how many people got the virus from these parties and who all they have been in touch with. Contact tracing is virtually impossible to do in many cases. Since these students won’t refrain from the parties that they are legally unable to be at in the first place, the principals have no choice but to crack down even harder at the schools. They have to protect everyone and that is what they are doing even though they want things to get back to normal as soon as possible.