A High School Principal’s Role in College Information

A high school principal is the leader of the school. While in some cases, they are better known as the disciplinarian, they are more concerned with the student’s best interests. Part of this responsibility includes ensuring teachers and counselors have the most up to date information regarding college options.

College Mailing Lists

The best principal, at the high school level, will take time to sign up for many college mailing lists. Taking this time will increase the amount of information available to distribute. Information emails will include the college’s entrance requirements, tuition, programs and more. Being sure to distribute this information to the right members of the staff will also increase their knowledge. And, in turn, the knowledge of students that are considering college.

Many principles receive college information several times a week, if not, daily. In some cases, it makes sense to copy and redistribute this information on a regular basis. However, when there are changes to certain standards or expectations for those applying to schools, the principal should take time to fully understand the changes. They should also conduct meetings with appropriate staff to discuss the changes and how it will effect their students.

Follow the Changes in College Standards

Regardless of whether there are changes in the standards among colleges or not, there should be meetings a few times a year to ensure that staff are fully understanding the needs of students. This can be a way for teachers and counselors to touch base with each other and share the information they have found helpful as well as challenges they face. The principal can use the time to learn more about additional information the staff believes would be helpful for them to receive.

Finally, the principal is responsible for distributing information about conferences and events that focus on helping staff guide students towards higher education. While all students are not college bound, it should be a primary focus in any high school. Conferences and mailings help staff fully understand which classes they should recommend, how to prepare for essay applications and the right tests to take. The best high school principals make the most effective distribution of this information a priority.